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24 Hour Medical Centre Sydney

Are you trying to find a medical centre in Sydney that is open 24 hours a day?


  • Do you have late night medical issues? Are they urgent and need addressing right now?
  • Then don’t worry! Visit our 24 hour medical centre now, located in Sydney.


24 Hour Medical Centre in Sydney

Our 24 hour medical centre is a state of the art medical centre located in Sydney. We have been treating patients for a number of years and with the flexibility and convenience of being open 24 hours a day we are able to provide solutions to whatever need you have at any time of the day.

Our team of qualified general practitioners hold a strong reputation in the local community and our sizeable practice services a number of patients everyday whose problems arise either late at night or early morning during hours where a normal GP clinic cannot feasibly help. With only a few medical centres that are open 24 hours a day our medical clinic is a go-to place for anyone that has tricky and urgent problems arise at inconvenient hours. Your health should not take a backstage just because it’s at a time that is outside conventional patient hours.

Our team is an understanding and highly experienced outfit that understands that your issues are urgent and a priority and we seek to find a quick, rapid and thorough solution to your needs when you come into our clinic.

Whether it’s an irritable cold, influenza, chest pains, sleep issues, insomnia, occupational injuries, pains, prescription requests, cardiovascular problems, vaccinations, screenings, health tests or a check-up our team is able to provide a solution to your needs. There is no issue too small, and we believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction throughout the whole process.

Our general medicine and surgery options are not limited in their scope, and we will be able to recommend you to selected specialists where necessary.

So if you require assistance please come into our clinic any time of day and experience the convenience and flexibility that comes with being a patient at our 24 hour medical centre in Sydney.



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